Merging with Minsups – a bigger and better offer for farmers

Merging with Minsups – a bigger and better offer for farmers

Tithebarn and Minsups have completed a merger that sees both companies benefit from shared expertise and over 130 years of combined experience within the industry.

Both Minsups and Tithebarn are leading specialist manufacturers of livestock feed supplements, with complementary products and a common mission to help farmers improve the health and profitability of their stock. Between them, they have a strong and loyal customer base, plus a world-class reputation, with sales in over 50 countries.

In 2017 the two companies joined their production and administration and the merger of the two businesses was completed at the end of April 2018, when the two salesforces combined under a new board of Directors.

“The merged company brings together a wealth of experience and technical knowledge under the Tithebarn name. The merged salesforce is now selling both companies’ product ranges. This new company arrangement is increasing the exposure of all our products across the agricultural and equestrian livestock markets. It is a very exciting time for Tithebarn and Minsups,” adds Apryl Biddle, Managing Director of Tithebarn.

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